Principles for Church Cricket Clubs

Cricket Clubs within our Churches should be organised so that they:

  1. Participate in the Church's outreach, providing the opportunity to introduce players and supporters to the Christian life through sport;
  2. Seek and expect from the Union the support required to fulfil the important role which cricket clubs have within the overall work of the Church;
  3. Encourage all those in leadership positions within the Union to set a clear Christian example through their Church attendance, sportsmanship, behaviour and general Christian endeavour;
  4. Encourage fellowship, mutual respect and unity amongst the players and supporters particularly during matches in progress;
  5. Develop in all players and supporters a positive attitude towards cricket with emphasis on Christian values both on and off the field;
  6. Encourage regular Church attendance by your Club members;
  7. Encourage amongst the players and supporters a respect for the members of opposing teams;
  8. Develop a competitive attitude, while ensuring a balanced and fair approach to the game;
  9. Provide opportunity for fair participation by all players within the game, in order that their skills and knowledge of cricket will develop;
  10. Expect players and onlookers to have an attitude of respect towards the decisions of umpires whether official or unofficial;
  11. Encourage experienced players to guide and nurture the other players in skills and leadership;
  12. Ensure that all aspects of the Club's activities comply with the Rules and Bylaws of the N.S.W.ChurchesCricketUnion, Inc.

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