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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111069472415110883221095110*Andrew BOURNESt Andrews Parramatta2019/2020A Grade1 1Iron Cove
2102108256615110863221104102*Vinay SIDDAGANGAPPASt Matthews Baulkham Hills2019/2020A Grade4 1St Andrews Parramatta
310167764415110843221097101*Steve CommonsCastle Hill Wesley2019/2020A Grade1 1St Matthews Baulkham Hills
410167781115185493221098101Colm McCAUGHANCatholic CC St Peters2019/2020A Grade2 1St Andrews Parramatta
59517580031511086322110295Kapil AroraSt Matthews Baulkham Hills2019/2020A Grade3 1Bethel
69211085571513487322110792Abhimanyu BANGALOREBethel2019/2020A Grade5 1St Andrews Parramatta
7886947241511088322109888Andrew BOURNESt Andrews Parramatta2019/2020A Grade2 1Catholic CC St Peters
883193914215116490322109583Nick H SchatzIron Cove2019/2020A Grade1 1St Andrews Parramatta
9826776441511084322110982Steve CommonsCastle Hill Wesley2019/2020A Grade5 1Iron Cove
107711085571513487322110277Abhimanyu BANGALOREBethel2019/2020A Grade3 1St Matthews Baulkham Hills
117716372231513487322110277Belliappa KEKADABethel2019/2020A Grade3 1St Matthews Baulkham Hills
1276193914815116490322110076Alexander A HendersonIron Cove2019/2020A Grade2 1St Matthews Baulkham Hills
13671601641518549322110367Criostoir McCaughanCatholic CC St Peters2019/2020A Grade3 1Iron Cove
146670285615116490322110366Liam ScottIron Cove2019/2020A Grade3 1Catholic CC St Peters
156414795891511084322110164Grant PULLENCastle Hill Wesley2019/2020A Grade3 1St Andrews Parramatta
165911085571513487322109959Abhimanyu BANGALOREBethel2019/2020A Grade2 1Castle Hill Wesley
175997982115116490322110559Preston M DavisIron Cove2019/2020A Grade4 1Bethel
18576947241511088322110457Andrew BOURNESt Andrews Parramatta2019/2020A Grade4 1St Matthews Baulkham Hills
195516009815116490322109555Nathan ShepherdIron Cove2019/2020A Grade1 1St Andrews Parramatta
20546776431511084322110954Kyle ChristieCastle Hill Wesley2019/2020A Grade5 1Iron Cove
215319440631511088322110153*Rajesh SUBRAMANIAMSt Andrews Parramatta2019/2020A Grade3 1Castle Hill Wesley
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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