We're fee free for the coming season!
Date of Event ChurchCricket NSW: Wed Jun 5, 2019 12:00PM
No fees - really?? Howzat??


Church Cricket NSW President Rod Walker has announced that in the upcoming cricket season, there will be no Club Fees payable by any club, new or old.


Church Cricket NSW is one of the oldest cricket associations in NSW.  We started in Western Sydney in 1902 and have been going ever since. At its peak there were over 90 clubs and 180 teams playing every week in summer. Although only loosely associated with Churches now, our Executive believes in playing in a manner consistent with Christian values and in the ‘true spirit of cricket’. The competition is predominantly played in the north and west of Sydney with our A Grade sides also playing some matches against the Moore Park & South East Cricket Association in the Moore Park area.


We have invested our funds wisely over the years and believe that the best use of this pool of money is to eliminate all club fees in the coming season and potentially beyond.  Walker, who has played in the association for 44 years and started a team 43 years ago said “many of our players are young and struggling to make ends meet, we hope the elimination of fees will help, if only in a small way”.


Many of the new teams in the association in recent years have come from players with origins in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  Walker hopes that the new no fees policy will also help attract more players from these communities. The passion displayed by players from these cricket loving countries is undeniable and they are a real asset in our competition. Walker explained “our goal isn’t to steal clubs from other associations, but to introduce new players and new teams, many of whom love playing the game, however are not involved in any structured form of cricket today”.


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